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April/May Newsletter

2017 is off and running ... and fast, I might add.  It's been a busy first quarter with many exciting assignments to share as you will see below.

I kinda thought there might be less content to share now that I'm full time photo editing at The Register (again), but you will see that's not the case.  This is another one of those 'I hope you make it to the end' email blasts.

Check out the latest ... there are some real treats in the mix. America's Poet Laureate, an amazing Opera, Chinese New Year,  some of my latest published work and much more.  As always, an interesting mix of work, but I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Pacific Symphony


Besides all of the other amazing concerts and community outreach projects the Pacific Symphony does throughout the year, once a year they also help douse the thirst for opera in Orange County.  This year it was Aida, and it was fantastic.  With a North America debut by Kelebogile Besong (Aida) flanked by Arnold Rawls, (Radames), Mark Delavan (Amonasro), Julian Close (Ramfis) and none other than our own local star Melina Kitic (Amneris).  It was outstanding.  And those cool sand sculptures which look like they took forever to make ... well, (spoiler alert) they don't last too long.

Chinese New Years Dinner

This event was crazy. I thought the dinner alone was over the top with fine performances and a Chinese artist painting with both hands at the same time with the time limit of one song ... wow.  How do you top that?  Well, look at the photos from the concert that followed the dinner. There are a lot of them, but that's because the concert was packed with nonstop, beautiful, colorful and talented performances.  There were no lulls in the action, I mean I was shooting photos nonstop the entire time. I love that. 


Wine Festival

The Pacific Symphony's annual Wine Festival and fundraiser at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach was once again over the top. Wine tasting, a silent auction, a live auction and amazing performances.  These events are always fun to shoot.  Wine was pouring as was money from a wealth of philanthropists from around Orange County eager to assist the Symphony in many of their youth projects within the community.  Always very heartwarming to see so many people participating, especially the live auction.  

To get to the Pacific Symphony's website,

Philharmonic Society of Orange County
Seven Degrees

The Philharmonic Society of Orange County had a small event at a Laguna Beach venue called Seven Degrees.  After dinner, guests got a sneak peak performance by Cellist Johannes Moser prior to him playing at the Laguna Beach Chamber Music Festival the following week-end. 

The evening's entertainment concluded with an appearance by a Disneyland band who's music caused a spontaneous conga line ... that was awesome.  A fun evening for everyone.                         

Annual Student Concert

Students from all around Orange County filled up the Rene and Henry Segerstrom Concert hall for an annual concert that teaches the students about the sounds of the different instruments in an orchestra courtesy of the Orange County Philharmonic Society and the Orange County Youth Symphony.  And all eyes were certainly on an impressive ballet demonstration included in the concert.  Arts in education, this is a big part of it.  
To get to the PSOC website,

8th annual Creative Edge Lecture

This was the 8th annual Creative Edge Lecture put on by ArtsOC and some generous sponsors.  I realized going into this shoot that I have had the privilege of photographing all of them. 

They always have excellent speakers conveying the importance of the arts in education which aligns up with the audience of mostly educators and is certainly something I agree with. 

Our American Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera, delivered a passionate talk about his poetry, about words, use of words, importance of words ... even students with backpacks full of words ... ha ha.  I love that visual ...

I'm always amazed how just one person with minimal or no props can be on a big stage and command the attention of everyone in the audience, but this happens every time.

Herrera read his poetry and interacted with the audience in a fun way throughout his talk.  At at one point, with the help of the audience,  he created random poetry from words in a newspaper (you know I liked that) ... an exercise he shared with teachers in the audience who could perhaps use in their own classrooms.

Every year I think this year's speaker will be hard to top, well, I'm saying that again.   This was awesome.   

Check out the ArtsOC website -

OCHOME  Magazine

The October OCHome Cover and inside features. It doesn't happen often anymore, but when I have the opportunity and the time, I love to contribute to our OCHome magazine.    

Symphony Program covers

Working with the talented people at the Pacific Symphony, I think these four program covers make a total of 16 in the past year and a half with one more on deck.  It's a great concept to put musicians on the cover so that the patrons essentially get to meet them.  And photographing them around the county at different locations make for much more interesting covers. 

Parting Shots  - 

Normally this is a spot for cool photos ... well, this is kinda cool too, I had to mention this.  Sold the Big Bear Cabin, purchased a mobile Cabin sort of speak.  I wanted to call this our land yacht, but then I found out that Airstream already has that name taken. We'll think of something ... this one is a 26' Keystone Passport ... endless possibilities of fun, that's for sure. 

Well, that's it for now ... hopefully you made it this far.  There are lots of fun photo shoots on deck so there will be much to share next time.  

And don't forget to visit www.nicholaskoonphotography.com These newsletters are also posted there under the E-News tab at the top of my home page.  And if you get a chance, stop by nkphoto's facebook page and 'Like' it if you haven't already done so.  I post current work there periodically between these emails. You can Click Here to get there.
Lastly, If you have an upcoming project or event that needs photography, let me know sooner rather than later.  My schedule is crazy these days and my calendar fills up pretty quickly. I'm never happy when I have to say no to an assignment because a previous commitment.  It does happen now and again though ... fortunately I do know quite a few talented photographers who fill in those gaps.

Have a great second quarter of 2017 ... Summer will be here before we know it. And keep in touch,  that's one of the purposes of these email blasts and it's always great to hear back from the people receiving them.

More Later ...    
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