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March/April 2018 Newsletter
I would say our move to Washington is complete, but that's not entirely true.  We are currently staying in Custer, WA while we get situated with work and find a home.  Setbacks and road blocks ... maybe a couple, but that's part of life.  Our plans havn't changed and we are still on track. I do have to say that the timing of this move could not have been more perfect.

Subsequent layoffs at The Register only reinforced that my choice was a good one to take a buyout when I did.  And the things that had to fall into place to make this move happen pretty much say it was meant to be.

However, I effectively gave up all but one of my long time freelance clients of which there were many in Southern California.  That may sound crazy to some folks ...  most were not just clients, but friends as well and I will miss working with them.
Change, however, is the one constant we can all depend on ... and I believe this will prove to be a wise move.  However, that leaves me with only one option ... to find new clients.  That can be exciting and scary at the same time.   I'm not sure where this will all lead, but here is what I do know ... I'm armed with many years of experience, a competitive portfolio, a passion for photography and what seems to be unlimited optimism.

I have started to become a little more pro active in terms of finding freelance clients ... and if a full time position happens, that's even better.  I'll update everyone on the progress. 

In the meantime, the last quarter of last year in OC kept me fairly busy before our move.  Check out some examples of that work below.  Enjoy.   

CAA Convention at the Fairmont Hotel in SF
It took some time to get my bearings at this landmark hotel in San Francisco, but when I did, it was even more amazing if that's possible. A couple floors below the main lobby, there are long hallways filled with black white images of the Fairmont's history.  That caught my interest in a big way.  And speaking of the lobby ... it's definitely a destination during the holidays for many tourists ... the holiday decor is over the top.
I was there to photograph the annual convention for the California Alarm Association.  I have photographed this convention at different hotels around San Francisco, but this one is by far the coolest venue and full of so much rich history.
The Keynote speaker was none other than the fastest woman on a bicycle on the planet, Denise Mueller.  She and her new husband were the nicest folks and you could only be amazed as she told her story.  Here is a link to a story about her ... I won't repeat it, but I do love the headline.  Click here to read it.
Below are a few photos from the event.  Photos of Denise Mueller on stage, Mike Matson receiving the George A. Weinstock Lifetime Achievement Award, the busy convention floor and check out the view of San Francisco from the Fairmont's Crown room ... crazy.
You can learn more about the CAA and what they do at their website -  
I kept wanting to call it the Great Northwest, but I'm finding out that the proper acronym is PNW (Pacific Northwest).  We have already done a bit of exploring, but there is so much more to check out ...
San Juan Island Lighthouse
 View of Mount Baker from where we are staying
Whatcom Falls Bridge.1
 Whatcom Falls Bridge.2
Lake Padden 
 The Public Market in Seattle (of course)
This find reminds me of the Knotts Berry Farm Ghost Rider ... I think this might have been the inspiration for it (haha). 
Galasso's Bakery  
This was another amazing opportunity given to me by my long time friend and business associate Alan Arminjo at iTrust Marketing.  His company offers Design, Print, Web and Relationship marketing at any stage of your marketing process.  I recommend Alan highly, he's easy to work with and really knows his craft.  His website is
Galasso's is a bakery, a large bakery ... and shooting within the inner workings of a large busy bakery can be challenging, but it was emjoyable mostly because I was working around some really nice and helpful people.   
Shooting products on a white seamless can sound a little monotonous, but in reality there is much more involved than one would think to make the images perfect.   
I'm actually finding there is quite a demand for this type of work with so many businesses clamoring to get their products online in a clean, sharp looking manner.  I have done much of this type of work in my career and you can bet I'll be looking at businesses up here in WA for this type of work.   
Here is an idea of what this kind work looks like ... there was a lot more of it, believe me. 
To check out Galasso's delicious looking website,
Firenze (Florence), Italy
It's happening.  My Italy story and photos are submitted to The Register with a publication date in July of this year.  I'll add more on that later, but suffice to say that it was a trip of a lifetime last September with my wife, Colleen, and an amazing group of friends.  We are already planning the next one.   
Below are a few of the photos submitted for the story ... Rome, Siena, Cinque Terre and Florence
NMC Promo Piece
Here is some brochure/advertising work I did at NMC (National Monitoring Center) awhile back.  I saw this at the CAA convention in December ... pretty cool to see my images used in such a nicely designed brochure.

Final Thoughts...

Here's a photo from the Bellingham Herald's lobby.  I love this kind of history stuff ... I guess 30 years in the newspaper biz does that to you :).  The Bellingham Herald, December 22, 1903! 
I visited the Herald shortly after arriving here.  After all, what better way to find out info about the community than from the local newspaper.  Julie Shirley, the Managing Editor, was very kind to give me some time to talk with her and get some good advice.  The Herald is down to only one staff photographer now ... the industry is struggling everywhere.

Though we have relocated to a place two states away from where we lived and for so long, the ability to stay in touch with family, friends and clients is easier than it has ever been.  These newsletters are a testimony to that.  So, there is no reason to not stay in touch these days.   I know that most the recipients of these newsletters are now not in my geographical area, but still, staying in touch is the main purpose of these.  It's great to hear from people receiving these.     
 If you get a chance, stop by the Nicholas Koon Photography Facebook page and 'Like' it if you haven't already done so.  I post current work there periodically between these emails. You can Click Here to get there.
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