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May/June 2018 Newsletter
Hello from the PNW! So much has happened just since the last newsletter.  Our Washington plan, though not totally complete, is starting to come together at a pretty rapid rate.  We've overcome a couple obstacles, are both working and actively looking for our perfect home.  And I  have to say, the longer we are  here, the more we like it.  And house hunting ... well, it's not as easy as it seems but it's still very exciting.

In terms of Nicholas Koon Photography ... I'm on the hunt for new clients as well as on the lookout for exciting things to photograph.  And while that's going on, I signed up with Zuma Press, a photo agency in Orange County that I'm very familiar with.  I have just started to send them both new images as well as photos from my archives.  Zuma is a world wide platform for my images, so I figure the more eyes on my work, the better chance of selling some of them.  I'm very excited about this opportunity. To check out info about Zuma Press, CLICK HERE.
For now, here's the latest installment ... perhaps not as robust as past newsletters, but good stuff nonetheless.  Enjoy, and if you get a chance,  drop me a line and let me know how things are going.  We left a lot of good friends in OC and it would be great to hear from them.

Skagit County Tulip Festival

I have seen photos like these before, but frankly I have never seen something like this up close and in person.  Rows and rows of the most colorful Tulips.  It was incredible. In this case, the photos actually do justice to what you are looking at ... they are pretty accurate in showing the color and vastness of this massive display of flowers.  Pretty Crazy.

National Mall

We were in Baltimore recently for a wedding and had a little extra time, so we decided to go visit the National Mall. The Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Memorial, the Capital, White House and of course, the Vietnam Memorial ... what an amazing afternoon. 

There is so much history in one place ...  and so much to photograph.  Up close with Mr. Lincoln, the Vietnam memorial ... even a sniper on top of the White house waving at students who were there for a rally the next day.  Our time was limited, but we definitely made use of what we had.


The Orange County Register

I heard that former DE at The Register, Rebecca Allen, was writing this story for The Register about the hundreds of staircases in the Seattle area that locals use for exercise.  I also heard that they could use some good art to go along with the story ... well, since I'm within striking distance of Seattle now, 2 hours, actually, I offered up myself to shoot it for the paper. It was nice to see my work in print again in The Register. And there's more ...  my Italy story (and photos) is running in July in their Travel section. I'll show that next time.

Regarding the Staircase story, Breathless in Seattle, needless to say both my wife and I got our share of exercise locating and walking up and down the many sets of stairs that are mentioned in the story.

Real Estate photos  and a Realtor's meeting

Back in Orange County I never really gave Real Estate photography much of a look since I was so busy with the newspaper and mostly performing arts freelance. However, the topic came up here in Washington when discussing houses with our Real Estate agent.  After all, I have photographed many many homes in the OC area ... and some unique one's at that. 

I was encouraged to put together a flyer and was invited to meet Real Estate agents at a monthly breakfast.   Shortly after that I was asked to shoot a couple listings for our own agent (Click Here 
to see the listings). What's next is to circulate this flyer, meet more agents and see what kind of business I can build up on that front.  That's the thing about freelance photography, you got to keep working at it.

Backyard Safari

So, while we are getting situated here in Washington and looking for a home, we are temporarily staying at my brother in law's place in Custer, WA.   It's actually a pretty unique 20 acre property.  Or rather,  I like to call it a compound ... well water, propane, septic tank and a generator back-up makes one pretty independent if needed ... like I said, a compound.

Complete with a grass airfield and a hangar, this place was once quite the destination for weddings.  I think that explains the masses of incredible flowers all around this property.  It's springtime here and it seems every day something new is blooming.  Pretty crazy.  
Parting Shot 

We've seen a lot of Bald Eagles here since arriving here in Washington in January.  The more I see, the more I want to photograph them ... they are incredible to watch. This is a nice start, but I definitely want to get more photos ... could use a little more lens power though.

Next to where we are staying, a farmer was plowing his field and 2 Bald Eagles were dive bombing his field as he was working it.  This was a great opportunity to photograph them and they were hanging out for quite some time. 

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