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2020 seems to have a good ring to it, but I have to say 2019 has been an amazing year on so many fronts. Life is exceptionally good here in the PNW and the longer we are here, the more we like it.    

Despite working daily in the commercial realm of photography, I've noticed that there seems to be a lull in production other aspects of my work.  A lot of that void used to be fulfilled by a myriad of fun and creative freelance assignments.  Without that, I see that what I need to do now is continue my photography curiosity on more of a personal level ... or in short, we need to get out more.  

That's the plan for 2020 along with buying a scanner to digitize so much of my early work that was taken on slide and negative film.  I've not really added much to my website in awhile either, but that too is a goal of 2020.  There is so much to share both old and new and I can't wait to get back working on both.  There are so many awesome outdoor places to visit here in Washington and we have only seen a few of them.  It's going to be so much fun exploring more places in 2020 and that will automatically result in more photos!

In the meantime, don't hesitate to stay in touch and don't forget that if you need any assignments photographed in this neck of the woods ...  please don't hesitate to call :) 


Nick Koon
Nicholas Koon Photography