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Hello ...

2021 is off and running ... and with any bit of luck, Covid will be in check and we'll be able to see family and friends again.

Once again I will attemp to breakthrough and start going through my archives to add a significant amount of content to my website.  It's a huge task and I really havn't made a scratch in that beast of an archive quite yet, but as always, I'm optimistic.   I do know there is lots of fun stuff in there I'd like to share.  Working full time does make it a little challenging ...

In the meantime, I continue to add to that archive.  Wherever we visit up here in the PNW, you can bet I'll be shooting images as much as I possibly can.  And Bellingham ... it's such a cool small town with lots of old buildings, etc ... 

And don't talk to me about my vintage camera collection ... it keeps growing and I need to get a handle on that as well.  No shortage of photo projects, that's for sure.  Did I mention my parents photo archive?  Yep, I have that as well to figure out.  All fun stuff for sure.  Keep an eye on my website for upcoming additions and changes.

Well, that's about it for now ... please don't hesitate to stay in touch even if it is just to say hi.  A
nd don't forget ... if you need any assignments photographed in this neck of the woods or have any requests from my archives ...  please don't hesitate to call :) 

Stay safe everyone ...


Nick Koon
Nicholas Koon Photography